We invite YOU to have look on how a perfect vacation in privacy looks like.



LA JAUMIÈRE is a family owned provencal house in the south of France, close to Marseille. It has belong to our family over two generations since 1997.

We rent the summer residence the first time now and we are glad to introduce you to all the beautiful sights around it, to all the interesting facts and to the exeptional enchanted feeling we have every stay.

If you want to have a vacation where you can enjoy your complete privacy, if you want to flee your busy life and to feel home in a provencal family house, you are at the right spot.




We are the family Spicale and we come from Germany, Karlsruhe.

The Spicale´s consist of Martin, Susanne, Amélie and Niclas.

Since our children were small we have been driving down to the beautiful south of France, to LA JAUMIÈRE, and had a great vacation every time. It is perfect for families, friends and pets. We ourself had a dog which could enjoy the provencal nature in the huge gardens and play. The same counts for children - they can have fun in the pool, in the area around the house without watching out for cars and discover the area.

Our family welcomes you for a wonderful stay as we always had and wish you to enjoy the beauty of France.